QuietCool Whole House Fan

We recently had Lincoln Hills Construction install a Quietcool whole house fan in our home. Everything was discussed via email with Marc and he responded in a timely manner. We got the Stealth Pro 7.0 which is the biggest baddest model that Quietcool currently offers as of this writing. We actually were very direct in the email on the model we wanted and how we wanted installed. I liked the fact that Marc didn’t try to sway me in a different direction. I’ve dealt with many contractors before where they try to get the client to go in a different direction for their own benefit/advantage. Marc was supportive from start to finish without questioning our choice in model of the fan and method of installation. We confirmed pricing and time via email and he showed up right on time day of install. He and his partner followed Covid guidelines with social distancing and wearing masks. He also was very respectful of the property wearing shoe booties (coverings) the entire time entering the premises and laid out tarp/cover on the areas they would be walking/working on. As a bonus he and his partner were simply cool and friendly people. The installation was very clean. It’s as if the fan and the switch came with the home when it was built. The alignment of the fan vent/intake and the wall switch was perfect. And when it was all said and done, it’s as if nothing happened as they cleaned up very well after the job was done. Overall, a very positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend them for a whole house fan install and also other jobs I may need in the future.