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Honest Marc

Although our house was not a good fit for a whole house fan due to attic insulation and no vent, Marc was very helpful. He provided additional ideas to cover all available options. His price point was good, and I would have loved to use him for our project. I appreciated how honest and forthcoming he was with information. I will look to use him in the future for additional projects.

Chani L
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
May 23, 2023

QuietCool Fan

Marc installed our quietcool fan yesterday and we love it. Can’t believe how quiet it is. Really appreciate his on time arrival and the work he did.

Type of Project -Whole House Fans
September 26, 2021

Better Price

Mark did an excellent job installing our whole house fan and solar attic fans! And was better priced then two other installers. I’d highly recommend Lincoln Hills Construction.

Debra C.
San Francisco, CA
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
June 11, 2021

Quietcool whole house fan

We recently had Lincoln Hills Construction install a Quietcool whole house fan in our home. Everything was discussed via email with Marc and he responded in a timely manner. We got the Stealth Pro 7.0 which is the biggest baddest model that Quietcool currently offers as of this writing. We actually were very direct in the email on the model we wanted and how we wanted installed. I liked the fact that Marc didn’t try to sway me in a different direction. I’ve dealt with many contractors before where they try to get the client to go in a different direction for their own benefit/advantage. Marc was supportive from start to finish without questioning our choice in model of the fan and method of installation. We confirmed pricing and time via email and he showed up right on time day of install. He and his partner followed Covid guidelines with social distancing and wearing masks. He also was very respectful of the property wearing shoe booties (coverings) the entire time entering the premises and laid out tarp/cover on the areas they would be walking/working on. As a bonus he and his partner were simply cool and friendly people. The installation was very clean. It’s as if the fan and the switch came with the home when it was built. The alignment of the fan vent/intake and the wall switch was perfect. And when it was all said and done, it’s as if nothing happened as they cleaned up very well after the job was done. Overall, a very positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend them for a whole house fan install and also other jobs I may need in the future.

Lei B.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
September 14, 2020

New Whole House Fan

Received a quick response from Marc to my request for a quote Whole House Fan. He was punctual, answered all my questions and provided a fair estimate (actually for the same cost as the competitors he provided an upgraded model). He arrived as promised for the install. The house was as clean when he left as before he arrived. 100% recommend you use Marc.

John K.
Fair Oaks, CA
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
August 18, 2020

Zero complaints!!

We had our Quiet Cool Fan installed by Marc, and I have zero complaints! Friendly, professional, and did a beautiful job! I highly recommend him for a fan installation, and we are already planning to use him for some bathroom remodeling!

Jaci W.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
June 11, 2020

Honest Marc

I found Lincoln Hills Construction through Quiet Cools website and I also had a promotional card. Marc showed up just a couple of minutes late for the estimate, but as it was his last appointment of the day, at 5:30, that was to be expected. He crawled our attic and determined what size would fit. Another dealer had recommended a larger unit without having seen our house. Marc said while he’d certainly love to sell me a larger unit, it simply would not fit in the space available. On installation day, he was absolutely on time. He put drop cloths everywhere he walked and his assistant vacuumed up every speck of dust from cutting the sheetrock. He installed aQuiet Cool unit in the house and a building code compliant unit in the garage. Very pleased with his work.

Jim P
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
May 21, 2020

2nd Contract with us!

Marc Boisvert and his subs are wonderful! He just finished a second contract with us. And, we are as happy as we were with the first one. Thanks, Marc!

Anne C. And Ray B.
Type of Project -Cabinetry
June 10, 2019

Hall Bathroom

Marc did a beautiful job on my hall bathroom! His was easy to work with and the quality of the remodel was excellent.

Type of Project -Bathrooms
March 25, 2019

Another happy Quiet Cool fan customer!

Marc came out last week to give us a quote and came back today to install the whole house fan. We had another quote which informed us we needed 2 fans and was, of course, much higher. Went with Marc (only one fan needed) and we’re really happy with the results. Installation went smoothly and quickly. Fan is very quiet (we got the Quiet Cool Stealth model with a 3 speed motor and 570cfm). Highly recommended. Thanks Marc!

Linda R.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
October 4, 2018

Wow, QuietCool whole house fan really works!!!

My wife and I just had a QuietCool whole house fan installed by Lincoln Hills Construction. WOW! First off it truly cools our home down to the core. There has been no need to run the AC until way late in day. And quiet, as compared to the traditional design fan I had in my old house that sounded like an airplane, this one is quieter than the AC running. Most of you know how thrifty and picky I am, I had several quotes and Lincoln construction did the work himself and has the best price. Our energy bill has dropped so significantly that it will be paid for in less than 2 years. Plus, Roseville Electric has substantial rebates ($400/fan). I am sure SMUD does too.

Matthew O.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
August 29, 2018

His professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding!

After several competitive bids, we chose Marc Boisvert, owner of Lincoln Hills Construction, and couldn’t be happier that we did. He just finished renovating our master bathroom. His professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding. If he had a concern that something we wanted might not be the best choice, he’d tell us…and he’s be right! We learned to trust his experience and expertise.

His attention to detail showed when he put protection down on our wood floors from the bath to the front door. He put plastic over the furniture in the master bedroom and to block the bedroom from the rest of the house, so dust wouldn’t get everywhere. He also vacuumed the floor’s protective barrier regularly to get rid of dirt being tracked in the house. There was never any debris left inside or outside at the end of the day. This was extremely thoughtful!

If something was not quite to his expectation, he’d redo it. His attention to detail is why we’re going to have him do our next renovation – the guest bathroom. We’ve already had Marc tell us what he can do for us. We won’t be getting any other bids, as Marc is the only one we’d have for any future renovation work. He’s the best General Contractor anyone could use. His crew’s expertise is outstanding. Aside from being extremely talented tradespeople, they are friendly, polite and very trustworthy.

No one need look further than Marc Boisvert, owner of Lincoln Hills Construction. Thanks, Marc, for a job BEYOND well-done!! Our Master bathroom is magnificent!! See you soon!!

Anne C. And Ray B.
Type of Project -Bathrooms
May 30, 2018

I would use Mark again!

I used Mark to install a QuietCool house fan system in my attic. Mark came to my house, assessed the situation and gave me quotes for a couple of different options. We set up an appointment right then and there as I was impressed with the price and how Mark explained all the details to me. Mark was understanding when I cancelled on him pretty last minute and he got me on the schedule for a time that worked better for me. Mark showed up on time and completed the work quickly. I actually left to go run errands thinking I’d be back in time, but he ended up calling before I got home.Fortunately I was able to get home fairly quick and Mark was waiting patiently. I appreciated Mark’s patience as it was hot that day and waiting around when there’s other jobs to get to and it’s 100 degrees outside cannot be fun!

I would use Mark again and hope to in the future as I have a couple of remodeling projects I’d like him to tackle. If you choose Lincoln Hills Construction, you can’t go wrong. Mark is a professional through and through!

Adrienne G.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
August 5, 2017

Look no further for a whole house fan.

Marc was up against another company for a whole house fan and knew by the price of what the other company had beat him by what they weren’t giving to me. After an inquiry I found out that he was correct and decided to move forward with him.

Marc arrived on time, did the work in under the time originally quoted, and didn’t leave a mess for me to clean up afterwards. He gave us a tutorial (not like there is much to it) and answered all of our questions. On top of all this he came in on a Sunday to help us get this done as our schedule for the next two weeks wouldn’t have allowed him to install this.

As far as the fan goes we have a Quiet Cool STL Pro 5.5 and it operates as it states on the brochure. I’m a stickler for sound as even slight noises wake me up. The fan on the lowest setting can’t be heard down the hall, on medium you can’t hear it in the bedrooms and on high it’s fairly noisy but you’ll never operate it at that setting for more than 15 or 20 minutes. Even on low with 7 windows open it moved enough air through the rooms for you to feel as if a mild breeze was coming through the house. On high it feels like a windy day.

Lei and John
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
June 4, 2017

Authorized dealer of Quiet Cool Fans

We have been wanting a whole house fan for a while. We found Marc and he is an authorized dealer of Quiet Cool Fans. He gave us a reasonable quote and started the work asap. We were very happy with his work and professionalism.

Maintenance M.
Type of Project -Whole House Fans
May 17, 2017

MBR sink!

Marc of Lincoln Hills Construction did an excellent job on my MBR sink! I would highly recommend him!

Marge B.
Type of Project -Bathrooms
January 6, 2017

Amazing Work

We refer Marc with Lincoln Hills to all of our Clients he does Amazing Work. We Highly recommend him!!

Tony R.
Type of Project -Other
February 8, 2016