ANY project over $500 requires a licensed General Contractor. That is the law.

A handyman is NOT a General Contractor.

To be licensed, a contractor MUST carry certain liability insurances to cover any accidents, workers & damages to your home. Many people fail to check out the individual performing the work or assume that a business license is a GC license. It is very wise to thoroughly check out ANY person that is doing work for you- regardless of how extensive your project may be with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).The CSLB requires that the contractor maintains his insurances and also maintains a clean record for his license to be valid.


Also, it is very wise to get more than one estimate for your job. Typically 3 estimates will give you a rough idea of the costs. Cheapest is not always the best, as many times we have repaired subpar workmanship for clients that thought they were getting a great deal. Not all estimates will look the same, so make sure that the estimate you choose is clear and covers the entire scope of work you want completed. Never sign an agreement that does not give a COMPLETE PRICE or partial work. DO NOT feel obligated to stick with a contractor- especially if that person is pushing you into signing a contract immediately. Also, READ YOUR CONTRACT thoroughly to make sure that you are not being overcharged. Many of these tips are listed on the CSLB website for your protection.


Click the link to verify a license:

If your contractor or person bidding on your project is not listed on the CSLB site, contact the CSLB immediately. A legitimate contractor should always carry thier CSLB license and be verifiable. The CSLB website contains information and guidelines that help home & business owners protect themselves.