Fireplace Remodeling Options

The focal point of many home living rooms and family rooms is the fireplace.  Most homes in San Marcos CA were built in the late ’70s and early ’80s.  Homestyle trends have changed significantly since then. So it is no wonder the hot new trend in San Marcos CA is a fireplace remodel.  Here are some options for you if you are considering a fireplace renovation. to your outdated fireplace:

Faux Stacked Stone Fireplace

If you like the look of stacked stone but want to save some cost, pre-fabbed stacked stone is a good option.  It takes less labor to install and is less expensive than stone found in nature. Which is why it saves on cost.  The biggest differences in appearance when using real stacked stone versus pre-fabbed stacked stone are subtle.

Faux stacked stone mimics the look and feel of natural stone.  A few things you may notice if you install manufactured stone is the corner edges are a little too perfect for what you would find in nature.  Additionally, the grout lines tend to be pretty large in faux stone.

Real Stacked Stone

A fireplace remodel that includes real stacked stone is stunning if you are someone who prefers pieces of nature in your home.  With real stacked stone, you can control the grout lines, how tight the stone is installed, and how the stone pops out from the wall.  If you enjoy vintage looks, another popular look is adding reclaimed lumber to create a vintage fireplace.

Real stacked stone will have various colors so if you prefer to have perfect fluidity in your space, this may not be the best fit for you.  Also, real stacked stone is extremely heavy and must be installed piece by piece which means the cost of installation is much higher than a faux fireplace remodel.

Pop-Out your Fireplace

homeowners have found that they can add some dimension to their living room if they “pop out†the fireplace.  This means framing out the wall prior to remodeling the fireplace.

Tile Surround Fireplace

One stylish way to remodel your fireplace is to add a tile surround.  A tile surround can add a pop of color to your fireplace.  There are thousands of different tile mosaic options for you to choose from when updating your fireplace.

Tile Surround Fireplace with Mantel

Your fireplace can include a tile surround with a wood mantel or a cast mantel with a surround.  Mantels with surrounds can finish your fireplace with a modern or classic look, depending on your home’s style.

A fireplace renovation will create a whole new feel in your home.  If you are ready to discuss a fireplace remodel with a reputable contractor, call Classic Home Improvements for a free in-home consultation